Red House is a contract manufacturing company that produces high quality hemp “straight pre-rolls” (hempettes, hemp sticks, or hemp cigarettes) NOTE:  We do not like calling them hemp “cigarettes” due to the negative tobacco connotation of cigarettes and the very specific taxes and regulations associated with tobacco/cigarettes).  Red House only works with hemp and suppliers that are US Farm Bill Compliant.

About Us

Red House’s owner/operators have over 20 years experience in distribution and large-scale manufacturing. Not “combined” experience like most try to boast, but all 3 partners have actual 20+ years of manufacturing and operating experience. Our Team works with several facilities across the United States setting up and assisting with operating high-speed manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Red House’s high-speed equipment is highly customized for processing hemp into a satisfying smokable hempette or straight pre-roll.   Because of our many years of experience, our Intellectual Property, highly customized equipment and processes; we are uniquely positioned to take your business to the next level.

Interested in having us make your brand? Contract manufacturing starts with a “startup minimum” of 384,000 sticks per Purchase Order.

Our Brands

All of our brands are made with 100% all-natural high CBD hemp with it’s all-natural tasty terpenes intact.  Our premium hemp flower is 3rd party tested and cured properly to maintain superior quality of both CBD and terpenes for your smoking satisfaction. 

Know what you are smoking!!!  Don’t be fooled by the competition.  There is a lot of scary product in the market place.  “Cheaper?” Yes, they are!  Most are using various forms of cheap “bio-mass” or some other byproduct.  What exactly is in their sticks?  That is a mystery to us as well.   We would never smoke their mystery filler.  Do yourself a favor and consume only high-quality hemp flower that you know is not tainted with pesticides, molds/mildews or heavy metals!

From the farm to our finished product, Rollies are made with unparalleled quality.  Made to look, smoke, and feel familiar for the discerning smoker.  Simply, a better product! 

All of our hemp is Farm Bill compliant with less than 0.3% TOTAL THC. Learn more here.

Red House Naturals are made to smoke like a traditional “straight pre-roll”.  Naturals have a high flow filter tip (crutch).  It’s basically a filter like tip with a hole in it.   None of the good stuff getting “filtered out” here.    

All of our hemp is Farm Bill compliant with less than 0.3% TOTAL THC. Learn more here.

Available Stick Components

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